Advertisement Policy

Why do I see ads on the site? Isn’t it supposed to be ad-free?

Advertisements are shown to guests and users who have explicitly chosen to view the ads. If you are a registered user and do not wish to see ads, please opt out of it in your user settings! Viewing ads certainly helps Trilliux keep running but ads can interfere with lower-end devices. We also promise that our ads will not infect your device with every malware in existence like Webtoon / Toonily.

I turned off ads and still see sponsorship banners. Why is that?

There may be banners that sponsor certain games. The banners are guaranteed to be under 1 MB in size, so mobile bandwidth will not be an issue. These games are completely free-to-play and we get a portion of the profits if you were to spend money on those games. If you really do not wish to see these banners, simply block the element with your choice of software.

Are ads really necessary, at all?

Sort of. Every chapter you read costs around $0.01 (1 cent) for us. Trilliux guarantees absolutely NO POPUP/POPUNDER ads under any circumstances. We do not profit at all from running this site because of these policies, and usually have to pay extra bandwidth costs a month but our users won’t have to suffer.